New interview on Brooklyn Street Art:

"Vegan Flava, a Swedish artist of global repute, seized his inaugural trip to unveil his unique approach—a synthesis of activism, urban aesthetics, and environmental consciousness. Over the past three decades, his artistic journey has been a contemplative exploration of art’s societal role, driven by his unwavering commitment to illuminate both local and global environmental and social issues."



Editions On City Walls - New solo exhibition opens May 28 at Litografiska Museet in Stockholm

Opening reception May 28, 12 pm - 3 pm
Address: Sundby Gård, Huddinge Stockholm
May 28 - June 18, 2023

Read about it here.


Tears Of The Cryosphere - New solo exhibition opens January 21 at Passagen Linköpings Konsthall

Read about it here in English and Swedish


London Calling Blog writes about my mural in Penge

Read this nice article about my mural Queens Crossing The North Sea which I painted in Penge London. Link here or click the photo.


The EU Commissioner for the Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, Mr Virginijus Sinkevičius

received my new painting Blue Desert and a petition with 120 thousand signatures at a ceremony in Helsinki Finland. It was initiated by the Coalition Clean Baltic to urge the commissioner to make efforts to save the Baltic Harbour Porpoise and the Baltic Sea.


Raised on the shores of Lake Vättern - Mural in Jönköping

Raised on the shores of Lake Vättern, is the title of my latest mural and addresses the bill of Earth rights for Swedens second largest lake, Lake Vättern.

Read my article here.


Neck-Deep in the Koster Fjord

World Ocean Day 2022 - with Artscape Lighthouse

I was invited by Artscape to take part in their mural festival Lighthouse in Strömstad on the beautiful west coast of Sweden. The murals where inaugurated on World Ocean Day, June 8th 2022. Read my article about my mural addressing the unique fjord.


New mural in London, Penge

Queens crossing the North sea

I was invited by London Calling Blog to Penge in London to paint a mural. Read my article.


Festival Gravity in Paris - May 14 and 15, 2022

My new painting A Wader in Melt Water is on display at the Festival Gravity in France. The festival theme is climate emergency and will show urban artists committed to the climate crisis. Available here!


Pandemic Art 1.0 - Book and virtual exhibition by Articulate Magazine

So glad to be featured in this new book and virtual exhibition! Carmen Line Hust the editor of Articulate Magazine and her team has organized an virtual exhibition and a book adressing the first year of the pandemic Covid 19.

Artists where asked to reflect upon what isolation and disruption has meant to them. ​

Link to the book

Link to the virtual exhibition


Interview by David Roos the Director of Straat Museum

Starts at 4.35 min into the clip!

I was interviewd by David Roos the Curator and Creative Director of Straat Museum in Amsterdam

about my work and my painting, A Layer of Soil, an Ecology For an Eternity, wich is in the museum collection.


Grenoble Street Art Movie Fest

Happy to announce that Signs On the Surface was selected for the Grenoble Street Art Movie Fest in France. October 20-22, 2020. Click here to see the official program. 


Festival Gravity in Paris - June 26 and 27

My new painting Tears in the Arctic tundra is on display at the Festival Gravity in France this weekend.

The festival theme is climate emergency and will show urban artists committed to the climate crisis.

My painting addresses the melting permafrost in the northern hemisphere emitting methane which have been contained for thousands of years. The changes in the Arctic tundra as in northern Sweden changes the circumstances for wildlife, such as the Snowy owl depicted in my painting. Click here to see the painting!


From Here To The Southern Peak - for Artsacape Form

Thank you to Artscape and the city Linköping in Sweden for inviting me to paint a mural in central Linköping for the projekt Artscape Form.

Read about it here.


World Oceans Day - June 8th


Call on world governments to protect and conserve at least 30% of the world's oceans by 2030!

My mural in Snösätragränd in Stockholm is entitled Blue Desert. It depicts a porpoise stuck in a ghost net and its lower back consists of roots and eelgrass.

Read more about it here.


Solo show opening September 17th

Glad to announce my solo exhibition Migration In the Anthropocene, opens September 17th at Galleri Duerr in Stockholm. More info here.


Book: Street Art Guide Berlin

Glad to be represented with two murals in the book Street Art Guide Berlin, by Thomas Grötschnig. The book points out locations to Berlins many large murals.


Film PREMIERE Sunday 12th April, Live on Youtube/disturberofpassivity

18:00 in Sweden. Click the link to see your local time.


Master Pieces - GO Gallery

November 9 - December 7, 2019

I participated in the group exhibition Master Pieces at GO Gallery in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Contact the gallery for available artwork. 

Click here to GO Gallery


Moniker Art Fair, London

BSMT Space

Was very honoured to be reprecented at Moniker Art Fair by BSMT Space with my lithography triptych, 

Migration From The Anthropocene.

Contact the gallery for available artworks.

Click here to BSMT Space


Dystopia and Utopia

at BSMT Space in London

I was very glad to be part of the amazing line up at two group exhibitions in support of Extinction Rebellion at BSMT Space in London. Two exhibitions, Dystopia and Utopia, showed artworks from artists who adresses the climate crisis. The gallery held talks on the topic and the exhibitions co-incided with the October global actions around climate change.

Contact the gallery for available artworks.

Click here to BSMT Space


Urban Nation Biennale 2019

Super honoured to have participated in the Urban Nation Biennale 2019 in Berlin.

The Biennial had its outpoint in the UN (United Nations) 17 sustainable development goals Agenda 2030.


Reaching For Water

A commissioned mural for Downtown Camper Hotel in Stockholm. It's located in their new conference space called Roots. Big thanks to Wallery gallery for curating and to Downtown camper Hotel.

Reaching For Water

"Roots reach down into the soil to maintain balance, roots reach down into the soil for water, the source of life".


Broken Earth Broken Heart

Now that we see us braking ecosystems, now that we know we can completely destroy our Earth, can we also understand and act to be the protectors of our beautiful Earth? It is our common heart!

Our culture is about domesticating nature, replacing fully functional natural systems with human controlled artificial systems. But that vision has broken our Earth completely. We've broken the climate, our home, the safety and security of every Earthling, we've broken our own heart.

Click here or on the photo, to read more and see more photos of the full mural.


New book

WASTELANDS - L'art en friches

Click the photo to look inside.

I'm very glad and honoured to be represented in this new Frech publication Wastelands - L'art en friches. The book's author, Jon Quille has documented murals that he's found during travels to explore abandoned buildings. Wastelands - L'art en friches, is a unique document that highligts artists who's worked in abandoned buildings and their site specific work in these environments.


Flying in daylight, Flying at night

A commission I painted for STIM in Stockholm, invited by MFG Studios.


Mural at Urban Art Hall in Berlin

During this summer a new place, Urban Art Hall, is bursting with creativity at the S-bahn endstation Spandau in Berlin. I'm happy to have made a mural there and also a lithography print installation.


Community mural for Urban Nation in Berlin

During my week stay in Berlin I was invited by Yasha Young to paint a community mural for Urban Nation. 

Click here to read about it on Urban Nation.


Global Climate Strike

"On March 15, an estimated 1.6 million students protested in over 120 countries" writes Time Magazine

In Stockholm way over 10 000 students protested outside the parliament.


Street Art Today

Article by Giulia Blocal

Titled "Loosing Surface" the latest land art intervention by Swedish artist Vegan Flava is a wake-up call. Make it the ultimate one by joining the Global Climate Strike on March 15th. 

Click the image or here for full article.


Amsterdam Street Art

Article by Camee Jongeneel

Global warming, unfortunately, is getting a bigger and more serious problem every day. We all notice the effects, and it's getting more and more important to not only create awareness but also to fight for our planet.

Click the image or here for the full article.


Losing Surface

New piece on Harsasjön/ Lake Harsa

Losing surface, is my new land art piece addressing the loss of ice surface and land surface as well as identity. It's made with chalk, snow, ash and charcoal on the ice of Harsasjön/ Lake Harsa, in Järvsö, Sweden. Click the image to see more pics and read about it.


Articulate Magazine #13

I was approach by Carmen Line Hust, the founder of
Articulate Magazine, for a feature in the October issue back in 2017. You can read it online, click the cover image.


Footprints in the snow

How we produce food, consume, and the burning of fossil fuels leaves the footprints of collapsed ecosystems, melting the worlds glaciers, dead ocean floors, logged and burned forests, dirty air and waters. Climate change is threatening with irreversible harm to our planet if we continue this way. Lets change our cultures to focus on ensuring the well-being, prosperity and security for everyone!!!

Footprints in the snow, was made with biodegradable black chalk and footprints on the snow covered lake Översjön in Stockholm. 


2nd place of Top 15 videos on Brooklyn Street Art - Film Friday 2018


I'm very honored and happy that my my film, While they seek for solutions, was selected 2nd place of top 15 videos on BSA Film Friday from over 240 videos during 2018!

Among videos by Selina Miles, Gonzalo Borondo, Shepard Fairey and more.

Press the image above or the link below to get to the article, Read about-, and see all the videos here.


Global Climate Strike


On Friday December 14th I joined the Global Climate Strike that took place in many cities around the globe during the last day of the COP24 climate conference in Katowice Poland. The strike was initiated by the Swedish, 15 years old climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Ckick the image to see and read more.


COP24 climate conference in Katowice, Poland


COP24 the UN climate conference in Katowice Poland started today. I edited a 30 second film The taste of freshwater, from my ongoing project Signs on the surface. 


New book

EUROPE - Street Art & Graffiti


It's an honour to be included in the new French publication Europe Street Art & Graffiti.

The authors Nath Oxygène and Brigitte Silhol

has put togeather a realy interesting document about the European urban art scene and includes many very good artists.


Short documenatry made by Sarah Eagelcrest

(in Swedish)


I had the great pleasure to have a studio visit by Sarah Eagelcrest and be the subject for her short documentary. She writes:


"This is my first movie debut where the primary theme is based on art, and brings forward current topics and vital messages; how we actually treat mother-nature and what effect it really does have. You have the power to make a change."


A novel story



I'm a caracter in a novel story! It's over a year ago that I met the Norwegian author Therese Aasvik. I was painting a mural in Snösätra (Graffiti Hall of Fame) in Stockholm and she was writing the Stockholm chapter for her new book, Byer utan deg. Now it's finally out in book stores!


Live painting

Kulturnatt in Halmstad


West Coast Walls Sweden invited me to paint live at Kulturnatt in Halmstad togeather with the artists Julia Rio and Ollio. I started the painting a day before and painted live in a local vegan restaurant.


The Peoples Climate March


The Peoples Climate March took place in many cities around the world today. I made these lithography prints and marched with family and friends in Stockholm. More pics and article.


Interwiev in the

Finnish speaking news

Swedish subtitles


UN-ITED community mural for URBAN NATION in Berlin.


Magic City



The large exhibition Magic City opened in Stockholm during winter 2017 after two cities in Germany. Here's some photos of my installation and from the film screening.


Street Art Today Museum

in Amsterdam


I was invited by Peter Ernst Coolen to come to Amsterdam and paint a large canvas for the urban art museum they are building there. Click to see photos and some thoughts about my piece.